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Terracrete Brick Mouldings

During the Victorian and Edwardian eras, the immense competition between brickworks caused an upsurge in production and use of highly ornamental special shape bricks. Each brickwork produced handmade specials (sometimes delightfully known as “fancies”), to a never-ending spectrum of design.

Many were produced in stock reds, yellow or buff, and from works in the northern parts of the country, red and blue engineering and fireclay buff.

The rapid decline of small regional brickworks and the increasing automation of the large national manufacturers has made sourcing these types of ornamental bricks virtually impossible.

Phoenix developed Terracrete to fill this demand.

We take measurements from the existing mouldings and produce drawings for the customer to approve. We then using our CNC mould-making facility to produce cost effective sacrificial moulds. Utilising these moulds, we cast pigmented high strength concrete base bricks.

Using these base units, we then reface them using our tried and tested epoxy resin methodology, applying brick sand, which has been fired at 1100° Celsius, to match the existing mouldings.

By utilising our specialists and state-of-the-art CNC machinery we have a number of ways of creating solutions for brick challenges, using ‘cut and bond’ and other methods. We can prove particularly helpful when time is against you or if the brick you are using does not have any special shape options.