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Teg-Steel lintels and underslung soffits

Modern architecture design has continued to push the boundaries of engineering capability. The aspiration to create exciting facades with deep reveals and overhangs has created the need for lightweight, easy-to-install, brick-faced components to achieve this seamless look.

We offer an extensive range of brick clad stainless-steel lintels and underslung soffits which are lightweight, where the bricks can be mechanically fixed and are designed for ease of handling on site.

Resin is used for stability of the brick on the steel and, where required, this can be Class A2 fire rated. And, of course, any brick type or bond pattern can be accommodated.

Popular Products

Lintel – CC Section 65mm x 215mm

Lintel – CC Section 65mm x 102mm


Designed specifically to your size and shape
Manufactured off-site allowing for rapid on-site installation
Bricks can be mechanically fixed allowing for BRE compliant application above 18m
Class A2 fire-rated resin can be used
100% corrosion resistant stainless steel for durability
Any brick or bond pattern can be created
Technical advice and scheduling service available
UK manufactured