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Phoenix for Teg-Clad

Phoenix Teg-Clad brick slip panels are prefabricated brick slip panels that interlock to give the appearance of a full depth brick wall when pointed.

Ideal for use in refacing or refurbishment of existing walls, it can also be used on gable staggers where lead or timber would have previously been used, as well as areas where there is no brickwork below, such as balconies.

Teg-Clad is comprised of real brick slips which are bonded using a BBA approved resin anchor system to an exterior grade, BBA approved, cement particle board. The boards are fixed to your chosen substrate using stainless steel or galvanised screws, positioned through the open joints prior to pointing with mortar.

Panels are available in a variety of bond patterns such as stretcher and flemish, but others are available. Any brick size can be used so options are wide and varied.

Prefabricated custom-made panels

Real clay brick slip facing

Variety of bonding patterns available

Fix to variety of substrates

Any size of brick slip can be used

Backing board and adhesive both BBA accredited

Any size of board up to a maximum of 1115mm x 600mm

Factory made under controlled conditions


Prefabricated panels make it easy and quick to install
Real brick slips, when pointed, give the appearance of a solid wall
The variety of bonds make it simple to specify more complicated bonds with easy installation
Can be used on steel frame, timber frame and solid masonry giving flexibility in build styles
When used in more contemporary architecture, slim, long slips can be installed simply, quickly and efficiently
BBA Certification on components offers product confidence
Board sizes are easy to handle and are easily and quickly installed
The panels are made in our factory meaning site delays are kept to a minimum