Why choose

Phoenix for your
pre-fabricated arches

Arches are a feature which are traditionally used over window or door openings. They can be simple or more complex, depending on the effect required.

Phoenix can provide solutions for standard or custom designs with structural or lightweight options. All are high quality and cost effective.

We work with your design team to ensure we offer the correct product, ensuring the best aesthetic and technical outcome for your build.

Standard and generic types

Customised design available

Concrete or steel backed structural elements with brick facings.

Lightweight arches available featuring fire resistant grade integral insulation.

Teg-Lite arches – incorporate only the best raw materials all with relevant BBA Certificates.

Cast Stone Keystones available in a range of colours.


Standard, generic designs offer great value for money with quick delivery.
Customised solutions means that you can have what you need for your development with no fuss.
Cast Stone Keystones offer a traditional highlight to an arch design.
Structural elements offer solutions to some aspects of the structural design where visible structural steelwork is best avoided.
Lightweight options lead to safer working and faster installation times, saving money.
BBA Certificates give peace of mind of a high-quality product.

Our most popular arch products are shown below.