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Phoenix for Candiwall

Following the growing trend in upgrading existing building stock, off site construction for new builds and “flat pack” structures of all types, Phoenix has gained exclusive access to the Candiwall Insulated Brick Slip System.

This fully insulated product range is created using an Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) backing board, specialist adhesive and the on-site application of fully prepared brick slips.

By using purpose made clay brick slips, a finished façade in the Candiwall system gives the appearance of a traditional masonry brick wall.

Other advantages include:

The adhesive system used is specially developed to allow application even to damp slips, thus making it a more flexible system than those offered by the competition.

The XPS backing boards are 1250mm x 600mm in size, making them easy and safe to handle on site.

There is no separate facing material on the backing board, meaning that you do not have to worry about any form of de-lamination once the wall is completed.

The Candiwall system carries a BBA Certificate. This means that the entire system has undergone rigorous testing and has passed the exacting standards expected for this type of product giving you complete peace of mind.

Available in a range of thicknesses from 30-160mm

Specially formulated adhesive

Thermal resistance from 0.588-4.211 m2k/W

Both 50mm or 65mm brick sizes

Accepts either manufactured or cut slips up to 25mm thick

1250 x 600mm sheet size

Unique sheet jointing system

BBA certified

Full technical and installation advice service

Complete “kit of parts” including adhesive, mechanical fixings and pointing compound.


Wide range of thicknesses allow you to reach the required insulation values.
Adhesive system allows application even in damp weather, giving greater flexibility for installation teams.
Using the R values for the product, we can help calculate U values for wall make up.
Accommodates 50mm or 65mm brick sizes so can offer a more “continental” feel at no extra cost.
Flexibility in brick slip thicknesses means you can choose from a wide range of brick finishes for a great match.
Sheet size is easy and safe for handling on site.
The unique jointing system allows for continuous thermal performance without any need for taping together – resulting in faster installation and even performance with no loss of insulation value.
BBA accreditation for peace of mind.
Full service offered – with a full “kit of parts” available from us you need not calculate anything other than how many square metres you need.