Brick Cutting, Special Shape Bricks, Brick Arches,   
Dummy Chimneys, Flemish Headers, Brick Fabrications.   
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Product range

  • Angle bricks
  • Cant bricks
  • Plinth bricks
  • Soldier bricks
  • Dogleg bricks
  • Birds mouth bricks
  • Coursing Bricks
  • Flemish headers
  • Special shape blocks
  • Coursing blocks
  • Loose traditional brick arches
  • Prefabricated lightweight brick arches
  • Pre-cast positive keyed brick arches and lintels
  • Prefabricated lightweight brick-clad dmmy chimneys
  • Brickwork mosaics
  • Brickwork murals
  • Lightweight brick panel system

cut and special shaped bricks

Technical back up is provided by in house CAD operators and retained structural engineers, allowing Phoenix to provide inspired and reliable solutions to many brickwork detailing issues.

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Tel: 01293 776861