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News: Phoenix projects nominated for Brick Awards 2013

Volume House Building Award

New House in Hampshire
Architect:Nigel Anderson
Specialist Brickwork Contractor:Brickwork Contractor: Irvine – Whitlock Ltd
Brick:Duntons – Ewhurst blend

Specialist brick work contractor, Irvine Whitlock, chose Phoenix to manufacture 61 prefabricated, flat brick arches. These hand cut arches were mounted onto reinforced concrete precast lintels. The lintels were manufactured at Phoenix’s in-house concrete plant with reinforcement and bearing plates designed by their technical team. The hand made Dunton facing once cut into gauged voussiors were hand mounted using two part epoxy resin, leaving 3mm open joints, which Irvine Whitlock pointed on site. The arches, both 290mm (four course) and 440mm (six course) face height had fair face soffits, allowing the traditional box sash windows to be set back 102mm from the face brickwork.

Best Housing Development 6 – 25 Units

Railway & Bicycle Apartments
Architect:BHD Architects
Specialist Brickwork Contractor:Assured Brickwork
Brick:Ibstock – Laybrook Sevenoaks Yellow,
Milburn Ashen Brown Blend

The developer used a whole host of Phoenix products to create this stunning development on the site of the old Railway & Bicycle Pub in this famous Kent town. Phoenix Quickwall brickwork GRP backed cladding, angle bricks, traditional flat gauged arches prefabricated onto structural concrete backing and precast brickwork spandrels were all deployed to assist the imaginative architectural design.

Worldwide Brick Award

Whitmore/Orsman Building
Architect:Trevor Horne Architects
Specialist Brickwork Contractor:Kind & Company
Brick:Bea Clay Solutions – Nevado Grey Clay Facing Brick

Kind & Co Building Contractors, used Phoenix’s precast structural brick clad concrete lintels and underslung precast brick clad soffit unit to create the stunning balcony features. The deep soffit details were clad in the highly versatile Phoenix Quickwall strip version, a lightweight GRP backed brick soffit cladding system which has proved highly popular for these testing areas.

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